Monday, July 9, 2012

Drawing the Line on Green

I've had something on my chest for a while that I want to get off.  I think we need to draw the line on being green.  Now, before you tune me out let me explain.  First, I recycle, garden, compost, reuse, try to reduce and I have never left the water running while I was brushing my teeth. But I recently found some information encouraging "green" actions that would be "less healthy."  Hmm.... is that how I want to live?

I dabble in nutrition study.  As a stay-at-home mom, I try to educate myself on the best nutrition for my family.  If I can reduce doctor visits and medication use, I feel that I am contributing to the family budget even without working and bringing in money.  I am saving money that can then be used on other things.

So here is the conundrum:  every nutrition book or article I have read has stated that we get the most vitamin benefit from cooking vegetables in the largest piece possible.  Cutting vegetables into very small pieces before cooking them depletes some of their vitamin content - it seeps out into the cooking water and I've read it cannot be used again.  (I'm still studying this one, not sure I totally understand it but apparently you can't just save the water for soup and get those vitamins - they're gone.)  Last week I read an article (in a health magazine, no less) about "being green" that suggested cooking vegetables in smaller pieces to reduce cooking time and thus reduce energy use.

So, what is a mother to do?

First, evaluate and decide who to listen to.  Seek God' guidance.  If the choices before you don't clearly fall into right or wrong, then give yourself the freedom to be flexible.

Second, decide what your priorities are.  For example, if you have several young children at home, you may wish to cut vegetables very small to save yourself time and sanity - hey, those things are important too!   

Third, don't believe everything you read! Don't be easily swayed by the latest fad.

Now, go eat your veggies - green and other colors too.